Who can upload Video?

Anyone having any of the skills / talent as given in the categories section of StarsBerry website, can upload his/her video on StarsBerry.

Can I upload video from mobile?

Yes, you can upload videos from any device i.e. from Mobile phone or Tablet. Please ensure that video to be uploaded has been converted in the uploadable format before being uploaded. Sign in to your StarsBerry Account (Sign up, in case you don’t have an account with us) and click on the ‘Upload Video’ and follow the steps.

Why admin approval is required for video uploading?

Internet is full of antisocial and unethical videos / contents now-a-days and being a fully professional Creators Network, we can not allow someone to publish any unethical /unacceptable contents on website, so all videos are being uploaded through admin approval mode.

Why should one upload video on StarsBerry?

It is a professional “Creators Network”, providing an opportunity to connect with other people of the same or different talent zone, to get name / fame and get career opportunity in field of creative ability and it offers an option to raise funds, for the project.

What is maximum Size limit for video upload?

As of now Videos of maximum of 75 MB size can be uploaded. So, this means, if a video has been properly converted as per above link, then a 75 MB video of 720 p quality will last about approx. 8 – 10 minutes.

What type of Videos can be uploaded?

If you wish to upload any video on the StarsBerry, please ensure that these videos are original creation, ethical, having good quality and have been converted in the uploadable format. Link for conversion of the Videos in the uploadable format is already been provided.

How many categories are there on StarsBerry?

  •  We are having Eleven (11) Categories for the video upload. Following are the names of the Categories:
  • 1. Singing
  • 2. Dancing
  • 3. Instrumental
  • 4. Comedy
  • 5. Mimicry
  • 6. Acting
  • 7. Poetry
  • 8. Painting
  • 9. Magic
  • 10. Short Film
  • 11. Music Band

What is the meaning of sub categories?

The videos can be uploaded in two sub – categories. This is required to be selected while uploading the videos. We are having following subcategories depending upon the age group of the user:

  • Star Kid– Person of age within 15 years
  • Master – Person of age above 15 years